Sophrology in english as well


  • Do you sleep badly of wake up tired ?
  • Do you have diffused pain ?
  • Is your breath too short ?
  • Do you have tinnitus ?

Many people currently encounter stress, anxiety and sometimes tinnitus. The pandemic has increased the suffering in many people's life. 


If you suffer from these trouble, I help you to :

- relax physically and mentally

- reconnect to yourself

- smile again

- spend moments of quality with your family and friends

- live in the present


My passion is to help people suffering from stress and anxiety to find their smile and life back.



Zen Tinnitus Program

Véronique Lambert - Sophrologie  Réflexologie | | +32 472 95 83 12

You have already had an appointment with an ENT doctor (or several), who after all required tests, advised you to get used to live with your tinnitus. You try as hard as you can, but you can't "just live with it".


You verify the intensity of your tinnitus, hoping it disappears,

Your tinnitus gets louder when you are stressed,

You have the impression you loose control of your life because of the tinnitus,

You have understood the importance of taking care of you.


You are ready to :

  • Get help to know yourself better
  • Understand what's going on in yourself when you are stressed
  • Listen to what your body is trying to say
  • Get your life back on track
  • Become aware of all that's fine in you so the tinnitus gets less space in your life


If this speaks to you, feel free to contact me and we will discuss whether I am the right person to help you or not. I hold appointments in French, English and Swedish.